Symposium on Gaucher Disease

A symposium on Disease Gaucher was organized on October 31, 2017, with a panel composed of Prof. Dr. Paskal CULLUFI and Prof. Dr. Arndt ROLFS.
On the speech held by Prof. Dr. Cullufi, was offered a complete picture of Gaucher disease, which regardless the fact of being listed as a rare disease has a high prevalence in our country. After the presentation of Prof. Dr. Cullufi, a speech was also presented by Prof. Dr. Rolfs again on this disease but this time its widespread in the world, on the ways how to detect it, and on how to increase the attention and sensitization and how to help our patients to live a longer and more qualitative life.
They offered examples how patients suffering of Gaucher live a normal life, and mentioned one special case when a pilot of military aviation, who regardless the fact of suffering of Gaucher, which was diagnosed in his early age lived a normal and good quality life.
The activity was supported by Leklipharma and Rare Disease Association.