Every single day thousands of people worldwide are newly infected with viral hepatitis yet the disease is entirely preventable. Throughout the world not nearly enough is being done to stop new infections.

For this reason, Hepatitis Day 2019 campaign in Albania was focused on prevention in order to empower people to understand that prevention is possible and to encourage positive action to prevent hepatitis. The key messages also covered aspects of treatment as prevention.

July 28th Youth Park of Tirana & Lake Park of Tirana, the society Information flyers, brichures distribution from volunteers

Even though blood safety and safe injecting practices in health care settings have improved in recent years, the hepatitis viruses continue to spread. In the past, viral hepatitis received little attention from policy-makers. Eventhough Albania has been reluctant to address viral hepatitis, such as ensuring access to treatment and prevention to all who need them and reducing the costs of drugs and diagnostics, it still needs to raise public awareness . The level of awareness in the general public still remains very low.